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Monday, August 12, 2013

Roadtrip: Arkansas

We got back from vacation about a week and a half ago, so this is our first set of vacation photos. Our first stop was in the beautiful state of Arkansas. We visited both Hot Springs and Little Rock.

The Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa — famous for being one of Al Capone's go to places in Hot Springs.

Roadtrip 2013 AR - 04

The Quapaw Baths & Spa, where you can get a spa treatment from the natural spring water (which is quite hot!).

Roadtrip 2013 AR - 05

The road up to Hot Springs Mountain Tower where you get 360 degree views of the Quachita Mountains. We saw a cute little deer here, but by the time we got the camera out, it was gone.

Roadtrip 2013 AR - 07

Roadtrip 2013 AR - 03

Roadtrip 2013 AR - 02

Roadtrip 2013 AR - 01

Our next stop was hiking up Pinnacle Mountain in Little Rock. Quite the adventure and workout!

Roadtrip 2013 AR - 09

Roadtrip 2013 AR - 11

Roadtrip 2013 AR - 12

Roadtrip 2013 AR - 10

Roadtrip 2013 AR - 06

Since our first hike, we've decided to do more hiking locally. Last week we hit Cedar Hill State Park and this week, we're going to Cedar Ridge Preserve. I'm sure it won't be like Pinnacle Mountain, but it's a great feeling to be outdoors. We hope to go back to Arkansas soon as it's such a beautiful green state. More photos from our roadtrip to come, stay tuned!

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