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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Headshots: David

Hello! This is a good friend named David, and these are his head shots. We took these at an abandoned building in Downtown Ft. Worth. I have actually shot there before...You may remember Molly and Todd back in '11?...Wow! So long ago :]

I'm glad this building is still intact though...It's really beautiful on the outside as it probably is on the inside, even if it is abandoned, and if it's ever restored, I'm sure it will be gorgeous...But for now, it's a photogs' go-to location in Cowtown...Or one of many at least...Anyway, here you go.

David Garcia 48

David Garcia 43

David Garcia 22

David Garcia 19

David Garcia 10

David Garcia 02

David Garcia 52

And this last one was just for fun, this is David's friend Maritza..You may recognize her from the show she anchors "Acceso Total" on Telemundo...She came along for the ride, and we put her to work :D Just posing fun while I got my settings right...All in good fun!

Del Pino Photography - Just for Fun

PS - David, I had to post these...I think they turned out great...Remember the little people...That's all I'm sayin' :D

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