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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stuff I Love, Want, Need (03/13)

Here's our 3rd installment for our series of "Stuff I Love, Want, Need":

Love Want Need 0313

Love: Sweet Leaf Tea, organic, original flavor, and made in the great state of Texas. We're OBSESSED with this tea! We seriously go to the grocery store and stock up on these bottles, especially if they're on sale! And if we can't find them at one store, we hit up the next one if we're out. True story. We love this soooo much, that last year, we entered their Instagram contest and won a year's supply, that shockingly enough only lasted about 3 months...It's the best tea ever.

Want: The Nest. This energy saving thermostat is the coolest thing ever, it even works with your smart phone! It's weird how when you become a home owner, you end up loving the things you probably would have never loved before...That leads me to the thing we need.

Need: A new lawn. Ugh! Ours is the worst! Hopefully we can start overhauling it this season to get new grass, a patio, fence and gravel. It is definitely needed, especially when our furry children come back in from doing their business outside, and they're covered with grass burrs :(

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