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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Puppy Training

Hitch is almost 5 months old and he's doing really great with his puppy training. He no longer has accidents indoors — actually, he never really had many to begin with! We've been really lucky with him. He's quite smart and has done his training well (the puppy treats help). He can now give you five (he gives you his little paw), he'll turn in place, he can sit and then goes down (onto his tummy) on command. His next tricks are to roll over and play dead, and also speak. We've started to train him on that, but we noticed he's kind of mute. He's not much of a barker that is. Unlike his older sisters, neurotic Chihuahuas that they are! They bark at everything...At least Weezer does...And Sookie, well, she just barks whenever Weezer does. But Hitch. He's different. He's pretty quiet.

From what we've read, French Bulldogs are that way, pretty quiet. Perfect pups if you have an apartment so they don't disturb neighbors and such. So with his training, I've wanted him to speak up when he has to go out, juuuuust in case he can't hold it...He usually just sits by the door, patiently waiting, sometimes giving us a quiet little whimper, but I don't want him to wait too long if he really has to go, so I decided to give him a tool to communicate with us, bells!

It was funny, because after I thought about making this tool for him, we took him to the vet, and the vet mentioned that making something like this would be good since he's not much of a barker (we explained our concern on how quiet he was), so we went for it!

Here's what you'll need:

  • Ribbon
  • Jingle Bells

Easy enough, just string a couple of jingle bells you can purchase at Michael's onto some ribbon and tie them to the door. When he has to go, he can then hit the bells with his little nose making enough noise to grab your attention and let him out to do his business. He caught on really quick...I snapped this photo of him right after I put the bells on and explained to him what they're for. He's so cute and smart :)

Dog Training Bells 01

I also strung some bells on the gates we have that we use to block the hallways, in case he's not near the bells by the door.

Dog Training Bells 03

Easy peasy, now to get him trained to speak!

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