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Thursday, March 7, 2013


Who doesn't love Ikea!? I think they have great stuff for home décor, and their catalog always has tons of inspiration to decorate your home. And now, Ikea is giving you another reason to visit their store, they have an event coming up March 9th called "BYOF":


Graphic from: TheLifeImprovementProject.com

You can go online HERE and check out all the deets, but it's basically a chance to visit the store, get some freebies, tips, tricks and inspiration. For the local one here in Dallas (or Frisco rather), you can click HERE. And if you like free stuff, or stuff that is ALMOST free, they have online coupons to use on the 9th (get those HERE).

And keeping with National Craft Month, you can take free, or super cheap, crafting classes at your local Michael's store...Did you know that? Just go to Michaels.com and check out their events section, there you can choose the location closest to you and see what's available. Happy crafting!

(PS - No we are not sponsored by Michael's or Ikea. We wish.)