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Friday, March 8, 2013

Before + After, a Simple Photo Editing Tutorial

Hello there! Check out this cute young couple...Aren't they adorable? Lyanne and Damian were just married last weekend in Brownsville, and photographer David Garcia was there to capture their nuptials. David had made contact with us about editing their portraits, so we were happy to oblige....This actually worked out, because we had been wanting to post a before and after tutorial on the editing process we do, so it was perfect timing! We get questions from time to time about our post processing and the tools we use, so here's the scoop (along with a step-by-step video below).

First, take a look at the before and after. The left photo is the Before SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera). David shot this on his Canon EOS Rebel T3i, RAW format (Camera Settings: Focal Length 18, f5.6, Exposure 1/320), backlit at sunset.

The middle version is the After, edited in Adobe Photoshop CS6 after some adjustments to the RAW file, removing blemishes, hair, and marks using the patch tool and the clone stamp tool. Then we gave it the golden look that worked well with that sunset using a Totally Rad! Action (Flare Up [Golden]) and then did some cropping.

The laster version has then been desaturated to make it black and white, with some adjustments to the exposure, brightness and contrast, giving clients more options to choose from.

3 Versions Final

Now check out the video below...It's about 11 mins. long, but it shows you step-by-step how we edited the photo. The process really doesn't take that long, normally it should take less than 5 mins., but we wanted to make sure you saw the steps and tools we used as we went. Make sure the quality of the video is set to 1080p so you can get a sharp clear view.

Again, here's the before.

Before + After Edited Layers 01

Some simple editing in PSD with 2 tools and 1 action, then crop!

Before + After Edited Layers 02

Last edit, desaturation, and some adjustments to the exposure, brightness and contrast, and voilà! Super easy photo editing.

Before + After Edited Layers 03

Let us know what you think...We'll try to edit another photo next time in LR.

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