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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Modern & the Whimseybox Challenge

One of the many blogs I follow is the Whimseybox blog. This is a craft/DIY community that keeps you inspired year round by sending you Whimseyboxes each month to get your craft on. For a price of course. But you can follow their blog for free where they are always giving great tips and examples for projects to create at home, along with giveaways.

At the beginning of the month, they set up a pledge, a pledge to make "2013 A Year of Creativity". It was funny, because this year, I wanted this to be one of my 'goals' anyway, to be more creative (I don't really like "resolutions" per say, but the term "goal" works better for me, personally).

With that said, I took the pledge. You can also sign up online to take the pledge, and each Friday, they'll e-mail you with inspiration. It's free and only takes a few seconds. And since I wanted to get some inspiration to get more creative, I went to the Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth.

FW MoMa-18

I had been wanting to visit there since early fall to see Companion (Passing Through) by KAWS, which is placed prominently outside of the museum, so this past weekend, I finally went. KAWS' work was only supposed to be at the museum until 1/6/13, but the exhibit was extended until 3/10/13.  While there, I also checked out some other artists' work, check it out.

Companion (Passing Through) by KAWS

FW MoMa-02


FW MoMa-20


FW MoMa-21

FW MoMa-01

Mental No. 3 by Gilbert & George

FW MoMa-19

FW MoMa-09

FW MoMa-08

FW MoMa-17

FW MoMa-14

FW MoMa-15

FW MoMa-12

FW MoMa-07

FW MoMa-16

FW MoMa-04

FW MoMa-13

FW MoMa-11

FW MoMa-10

FW MoMa-25

FW MoMa-24

FW MoMa-23

FW MoMa-22

FW MoMa-06

FW MoMa-05

FW MoMa-03

"Creativity is contagious. Pass it on." - Albert Einstein

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