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Friday, December 14, 2012

Washington, DC - iPhoneography Version

I've been wanting to post about this for a while now – iPhone apps! We use a ton of different apps to edit/publish our photos from our iPhones, and we link them to our other social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) on most occasions...As you may (or may not) know, we're both big iPhone fans and we are always shooting with our iPhone cameras if we don't have our SLR on us...These are the main apps that we use to edit our photos with (I'm not sure if they're compatible with other types of phones, like the Android for example, you'd just have to check and see):
EyeEm is currently my favorite app! It is similar to Instagram, but has more filters and border options to edit with (and much cooler ones in my opinion).  This app – along with Instagram, also gives you your own web profile so your followers can view your photos online even if they don't have the app themselves on their phones.  Here's our web profiles for each:
We used EyeEm a ton this past week when we took our trip to Washington, DC...Check them out!

First thing was first, leaving our furry children! :(

DC iPhone-01

On to the next adventure!

DC iPhone-02

I'm fascinated with the airport...Especially empty terminals...

DC iPhone-07

DC iPhone-03

Typical sky shot out of airplane windows...

DC iPhone-04

DC iPhone-08

Landing at the airport in DC, we began to see a lot of art...Art, murals, monuments, museums and so much more!

DC iPhone-06

DC iPhone-05

DC reminded me of NYC in a way with the public transit system...but in DC even the underground architecture was beautiful...

DC iPhone-10

This begins the set from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History...Otherwise known as the museum from the Ben Stiller movie Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian...

DC iPhone-61

DC iPhone-60

DC iPhone-54

DC iPhone-57

DC iPhone-59

DC iPhone-56

DC iPhone-58

Another fun fact from DC is that most museums, the entrance is free!  I love free stuff...That may be because I'm frugal :D Here's some art from the National Portrait Gallery...

DC iPhone-73

DC iPhone-72

DC iPhone-71

DC iPhone-70

This one below is not a real person, but a sculpture of a human...So realistic.

DC iPhone-69

DC iPhone-68

DC iPhone-67

Einstein – surprisingly, he was everywhere in DC.

DC iPhone-66

DC iPhone-65

DC iPhone-64

DC iPhone-63

DC iPhone-62

DC iPhone-28

My absolute FAVORITE! The Electronic Superhighway by Nam June Paik, this one is incredible in person and a must see.

DC iPhone-33

Charles viewing a Lichtenstein...I think this was at the Smithsonian American Art Museum...Not even sure anymore, we hit so many museums afterall...

DC iPhone-31

DC iPhone-30

DC iPhone-26

A museum-goer..He reminded me of Hitchcock.

DC iPhone-27

Squirrels! I had to post about these, they were so tame and cute!

DC iPhone-44

DC iPhone-55

Monuments, memorials, capitols – oh my!

DC iPhone-53

DC iPhone-38

DC iPhone-34

Einstein Memorial in front of the Science building...

DC iPhone-52

DC iPhone-51

DC iPhone-42

DC iPhone-50

DC iPhone-29

DC iPhone-09

Playing with perspective.

DC iPhone-37

DC iPhone-49

Lincoln Memorial.

DC iPhone-48

DC iPhone-32

Vietnam Memorial.

DC iPhone-47

DC iPhone-46

DC iPhone-45

Arlington National Cemetery.

DC iPhone-24

We also took one day to rent a car and headed to the state of Virginia, and to Baltimore, MD – home of the Ravens. There, we visited the grave and home of Edgar Allan Poe, one of my favorite writers/poets.

DC iPhone-20

DC iPhone-22

DC iPhone-13

DC iPhone-23

DC iPhone-21


DC iPhone-19

This was his home in the 1800's...

DC iPhone-18

...and this is his home in 2012...looks almost the same.

DC iPhone-17

His home was a museum until earlier this year when it closed, but it's still a national historic site....Vanessa nerding out...

DC iPhone-11

...Carlos nerding out too.

DC iPhone-14

DC iPhone-12

I'd like to think that this Raven visited us outside of his home because he knew we were there....But Raven's are quite common in that area (wahhh wahhhhhhhhhh).

DC iPhone-16

DC iPhone-15

Visiting Obama at the People's House.

DC iPhone-35

DC iPhone-25

DC iPhone-43

Here we learned that highways begin in DC, beginning with highway 1...Hmmmm..you learn something new everyday.  Another fun fact (one that I learned many years ago...) Highways running West to East are even numbered, and Highways running North to South are odd numbered...Huh! Huh! You didn't know that one did you!? BOOM!!

DC iPhone-39

The National Christmas Tree.

DC iPhone-41

Texas' Christmas Tree...Every state (and Puerto Rico) has one outside of the White House, with ornaments sent over from the public schools that are for each state.

DC iPhone-40

Finally...Last iPhone pic...Sorry to bombard you...We have a ton more from our SLR – I'll try to post those later on...

DC iPhone-36

Stay tuned!

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