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Thursday, October 25, 2012

State Fair of Texas

Hello! I've been meaning to post these photos for the past 2 weeks or so, but I've been busy...Procrastinating =oD  I thought it was time though...Especially since Big Tex passed last week (may he RIP).

Big Tex 02

Big Tex 01

For those not familiar with the State Fair of Texas, for us (and I mean, most North Texans) it's a yearly tradition.  Schools get a fair day, TX-OU weekend goes down (this year UT was slaughtered) and we (our family) try to make it out to the fair each year to spend a ton of cash and basically commit one of the 7 deadly sins - GLUTTONY like nobody's business, hahaha...It's true! Every year there's a new fried food to try...And of course, lots of walking, drinking, car shows, rides, parades, fireworks, etc., etc., etc.  Here are a few shots from our iPhones of the things we saw this year.

The Texas Discovery Gardens had a special butterfly exhibit on the grounds...



Enjoying my very large Turkey Leg (everything IS bigger in TX after all)

Turkey Leg

(Psssst...other food we ate was: curly fries, fried plantains, fried bacon cinnamon roll, fried jambalaya, fried mexican firecrackers, pineapple ice cream, corn in a cup [mexican style] and a cucumber...See! Wasn't a lie about the gluttony)

I think the best part was the Chinese Lantern Festival this year...Most def!

State Fair of TX 2012-200

State Fair of TX 2012-192

State Fair of TX 2012-183

State Fair of TX 2012-182

State Fair of TX 2012-163

State Fair of TX 2012-153

State Fair of TX 2012-134

State Fair of TX 2012-131

State Fair of TX 2012-127

State Fair of TX 2012-125

State Fair of TX 2012-114

State Fair of TX 2012-102

State Fair of TX 2012-093

State Fair of TX 2012-091

State Fair of TX 2012-080

State Fair of TX 2012-078

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