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Saturday, October 6, 2012


Life is better in the Bahamas :)  That's what they say!  And we found that it was true last month when we took a trip to Nassau....It was so beautiful there, we miss it.  Here are a few shots from out adventure to the island, and our stay at the wonder of Atlantis.  A lot of these we posted on our Instagram, but we still wanted to post them here as well, cheers!

Nassau 7D-011

I love this one...I think it looks like a painting in a way.

Nassau 7D-012

Nassau 7D-015

Nassau 7D-022

Nassau 7D-023

Their aquarium is unbelievable!

Nassau 7D-057

Nassau 7D-059

Nassau 7D-070

Nassau 7D-071

Nassau 7D-085

Nassau 7D-093

Nassau 7D-094

Nassau 7D-099

Nassau 7D-108

Nassau 7D-110

Nassau 7D-113

Nassau 7D-118

This is outside of Frankie Gone Bananas at the Fish Fry, this is where the locals eat and the food is excellent, not overpriced, and not far, so you can walk there from the downtown area.

Nassau 7D-124

I loved the colors and the graffiti on the buildings.

Nassau 7D-126

Nassau 7D-127

Nassau 7D-158

Nassau 7D-161

This is the Queen's Staircase.  It has an incredible, yet sad story behind it.  Read more about it here.

Nassau 7D-163

Nassau 7D-166

Nassau 7D-167

Nassau 7D-179

Nassau 2012_016

Nassau 2012_071

Nassau 2012_072

Nassau 2012_108

Nassau 2012_109

Nassau 2012_110

Nassau 2012_146

Nassau 2012_147

Here at the Dallas Arboretum, the artist Chihuly's works are displayed, and we've been meaning to go for the longest time, but when arriving at Atlantis, we saw his work on display there too, so we lucked out!  Here are some shots of his beautiful glass work.

Nassau 2012_148

Nassau 2012_149

The man on the left is wearing a traditional Junkanoo costume.

Nassau 2012_150

Nassau 2012_151

Nassau 2012_153

Nassau 2012_154

Nassau 2012_155

Nassau 2012_156

Nassau 2012_164

Nassau 2012_165

Nassau 2012_191

Nassau 2012_194

Nassau 2012_260

The last time we visited Cancun, Carlos swam with the dolphins...This time, it was Vanessa's turn.  Some of these dolphins were actually rescue dolphins from Hurricane Katrina.

Nassau 2012_261

Nassau 2012_262

Nassau 2012_263

Nassau 2012_264

Nassau 2012_265

Nassau 2012_267

Nassau 2012_272

Nassau 2012_276

Nassau P+S-19

Nassau P+S-51

Nassau P+S-22

We had so much fun!  Now off to plan the next adventure....Coming soon :]

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