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Friday, August 10, 2012

If These Walls Could Talk...

They would say:  "THANK YOU CARLOS & VANESSA FOR FINALLY MAKING ME OVER!"....When we first bought our house (in 2010), one of the turn offs was the wood paneling in our living room.  They were painted over with beige paint.  Yes.  Beige.  Otherwise know as the color "BLAH!" We tried to make it work for a while, covering it up with a very large map of the world (which I'll show you later), but that didn't work.  Then we thought "Maybe we'll go with the cottage-y look", uh, yeah...No.  So while reading one of my favorite DIY blogs, I saw a stenciled wall, and it was perfect for us and our home, so I bought the stencil, and the stencil sat in our guest room for about a month...Or two...Okay!  Maybe 3 months--until we got to it, (which was probably like next year :P at that rate).  Anyway, this week finally, a pro handled his b'ness for us and made our living room over.  Check it out!  I'M SO EXCITED :D

Wood paneling painted in the color "BLAH!" that made me want to vomit.

1 Wall Way Before

No more wood panels or "BLAH!" colored paint :)

2 Wall Before

Ahhh...grey paint...Finally!

3 Wall After

And last but not least, our cutting edge stencil work :D :D :D

4 Wall Way After

Here's a better shot of it...


It then gave me an idea...I had been meaning to take photos of our furry children, and our wall made the perfect backdrop :)  Here's Sookie

Sookie on Wall 02

And here's Weezer

Weezer on Wall 01

My girls are always such great models...With a little food bribery :D of course

Sookie on Wall 01

Weezer on Wall 02

Sookie on Wall 03

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Have a great weekend!

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