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Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY Canvases

One of my many current obssions is Pinterest, and they have tons and tons and tons of ideas for DIY projects including canvas artwork, here are a few I did.

This first one is using our Instagram shots (follow us @DelPinoPhoto).  I printed these 4 x 4 photos on photo paper and mounted them to the canvas with mod podge similar to this one.

This is just "Santa Red" colored paint on a white canvas...Here's the original one, I like her strokes better...But this turned out okay too.

This next one is using painters tape to make that pattern...I think I'm going to get thinner crafting tape next time to make the chevron pattern instead...But I like this one too!

Anyway, just a few examples of some DIY art projects...Lots more to come! :)

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