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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Paty's Maternity Session

This is Paty, mom-to-be and almost ready to pop Baby Leilani (Hawaiian name meaning 'heavenly') out in August.  Her babyshower was held on the 15th and we were able to take some pregnancy shots after the rain cleared up.  Check them out!

Paty - 22

Paty - 24

Paty - 25

This may be one of my favorite ones...

Paty - 20

Paty - 17

Paty - 15

Paty - 14

...I really like this one too :)

Paty - 13

And this one!

Paty - 11

Paty - 09

And of course.  We couldn't not do the typical heart over the tummy pregnancy shot :D Ha-ha-ha!

Paty - 05

Paty - 04

Last one...

Paty - 02

Be sure to check out Facebook fan page later on today for some of her babyshower shots, they had some cute details...Click HERE!

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