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Monday, July 2, 2012

DIY Artwork

I'm still slowly decorating the house, and in the bathroom we needed some black and white artwork, so I decided make something myself and frame it up.

Here's what I used (all from Michael's):  tissue paper with patterns on it (around $3), 4 frames (qty. 2 - 5 x 7's for around $5 and qty. 2- 8 x 10's for around $7), crafting tape (around $3) and white paper (free since I already had some).

The photo on the the left has the tissue with patterns in it, and the photo on the right I made with the white paper and crafting tape.

Framed Art 1Framed Art 2

Total project cost = approx. $18 and 15 mins. of my time :]

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