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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The High Line

Aaaaas promised, here are more of my photography adventures in the super-awesome-amazing-one-of-a-kind New York City :]  Just saying it makes me smile...I love New York City so much...I don't know why?  I'm not from there?  I've only been there twice in my life?  I've never lived there?  But...There's just something about New York that's oh so special (sigh).  Anywhoooo...I actually went there on business last month...Not photography business (unfortunately), but TV business...And since I flew in a day early, I had time to view beautiful NYC.

The first time I went back in '09, The High Line opened literally a week after I left!  I was bummed because I thought the concept of this park was quite interesting.  You see, in these here parts (said with a Texas twang), we don't have elevated parks, but in New York, they do!  New York, or Manhattan rather, is not that wide, nor that long, so people instead of building out, they build up!  Thus creating glorious parks like The High Line.  (Now with that said, I heard in Downtown Dallas they are also building a park like The High Line?  I'm not sure.)

Now, onto photos--here's The High Line seen from Chelsea...A little urban oasis...





A view of The New Yorker...


...the Hudson...


...And the Empire State Building...


...Plus some iPhoneography to finish it off.

High Line

More photos next week! :]

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