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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Update and Photo Trip 05/23/10

We had a super busy weekend this weekend! Yesterday I (Vanessa) had to work (some what non-photography related), and today Carlos had to work (non-photography related).

After I got off from work yesterday though, we went and purchased some new gear. Since we're growing, slowly but surely (thankfully), it was time to invest. We purchased a new body, and 2 new lenses.

This morning, after a client meeting (regarding a future wedding), I headed out to the local Zoo, while Carlos went to work, and tested out the new equipment. Let me just say, I'm IN LOVE with our new gear! :) But first, let me tell you, it was HOT at the Zoo (and everywhere else)! I don't think summer has started officially (or has it?), but you could feel the rays coming down mad crazy...And! My allergies were acting up. Needles to say, I only stayed a while, because I was either going to melt, or my nose was going to fall off, But! I did manage to get a few good shots in. Here are some of my favs. :) After the weather and Allergy screenshots =oP

Since we got a new 70-300mm lens, most are close up shots of the animals at the Zoo (in case you were wondering :) ).  In this shot, it shows how the lens has great image stabilization and and sharpness working at the same time.

In this shot of the Gorilla, you see these white blurry spots flying around? (And NO, the lens wasn't dirty) It's all that junk flying in the air that causes those horrible allergies.  Oh!  And the Gorilla was actually eating his vomit (I know, gross!  Sorry, but he was, it was green.  There.  I said it!)

Most of the animals in the zoo were seeking shade and pretty much, just laying around, probably because of the major heat today.

I think this guy was flirting with me, but he totally needs to brush his teeth :D  Just kidding!

This one was SOOOOO cute!!  He grabbed that potato sack and put it on top of his head and couldn't see where he was going for a little bit, then finally pulled it back far enough to get these two shots.  He was probably feeling the sun burn his head.  He's so cute!!  I think he's smiling in the left one :)

This shot I mainly took to check out the blurriness that the camera body and lens do on their own.

Another smile :)

This White Tiger was beautiful.  I caught him at mid yawn.  And if you wonder what those two greyish blurry lines are, it's the bars they have around their cage ;)


Imagine this guy coming at you in the forrest!  He looks cute, cuddly and sleepy here, but check out those claws...Those nails look like our dog, Sookie's :D

Here's the King of the Jungle...Napping :)

Guess which one is the Tortoise and which one is the rock?...Both might be hundreds of years old.  Okay, maybe not hundreds...But who knows?

The Pink Flamingos, funny enough, on two legs.

And probably my favorite shot of the day...

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