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Monday, April 5, 2010


Wow! It's been such a lOoOoOOng time since we've blogged. Sorry to neglect you little blog, and our viewers of course, but we've been crazy busy. Let's see, our last blog was 10/31/09! Eeek! Halloween night @ the Lizard Lounge with friends. We love that place, and that special night :) But man, seems like a lifetime ago.

Since then, let's see. What's happened? Or what HASN'T happened? In November, of course, there was Thanksgiving, that even now, I don't remember what we did. There was also Carlos' birthday at the end of the month in November. Then December swept in. Which meant, decorating our (old) apartment for Christmas, Christmas shopping, Christmas holidays, and that's when our house hunting began. That's right! I think that's what mainly distracted us, WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!! :) Yeah!!!!!!!!

After we rang in the New Year, we were busy house hunting and finally caught us home (said with a VERY Texan accent), a very cool red bricked 1960's bungalow...Something straight out of Mad Men, haha. We love it! So for most of January and February, we were signing our lives away, moving from the (old) apartment to the new house, which is a ton of work...but I think we've settled in for the most part. Still busy trying to make our home nice and cozy, yet cool :P So there, that's what's been up with us (sigh). I got tired all over again just thinking about it. But hey! It's now Spring 2010, and great weather for some great pictures. Stay tuned! :)

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